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Pet Stain and Odor

Las Vegas NV pet stain removal professionalEww that smell! Yes, the distinct odor of pet urine is powerful and undeniable. Sadly, there is not much that can be done to permanently remove pet stains and especially odor at a consumer level as this is the most vicious and stubborn of all organic staining. Carpet cleaning – even with a deodorizer – is a short term solution that lasts days at best and only hours on average. To truly rid your home of both stench and stain – not to mention future soiling – requires professional treatment. Vegas Carpet Cleaning Pros provides the most affordable Las Vegas NV carpet cleaning pricing for effective pet stain and pet odor removal in Las Vegas, NV.

We identify and review all stained areas with you prior to treatment. In many instances we use a UV light to identify areas that may not be visible to the naked eye. Once our walk through is complete, we discuss the various methods available and what we feel might be best for your situation. The most severe of situations might require a deep flush and extraction, while others may only require a topical treatment. Our flush and extraction carpet cleaning process consists of using a people and pet friendly solution mix that is actually scaled by our technicians at your home. This is done so we can create the exact ratio needed in order to do the job effectively. Once the compounds are properly emulsified, we soak the area beyond the fibers and pile, penetrating the padding. The reason for this is due to the properties and frequency of pet urine. Cats and dogs will generally soil the same area repeatedly and this is usually occurs in three to five areas of your home. The most popular areas are corners and door entries.

Pet stain removal Las Vegas
*Extreme pet stain and odor. Before, during pre-scrub and after.

Once the area is thoroughly saturated with our solution we allow a dwell time of 30 – 45 minutes. We then use an industry specific tool that’s referred to as a water claw in order to properly extract the water, pet waste, stains and odor from the sub floor pad and carpet. The water claw is extremely powerful and will pull moisture up from beneath the carpet padding which means soiled areas are completely cleansed.

Las Vegas carpet cleaning pet stain removal process Las Vegas pet stain removal pic of carpet

We then treat the area with a carpet conditioner and agitate the carpet to properly remove stains. Agitation also helps prevent any return stains (known as wick backs), a common occurrence when pet stain removal is performed incorrectly. Finally, we complete the process with our deodorizer that is applied generously to the area. We also offer carpet protection as an option. Keep in mind that proper removal will be a great aid in preventing your pet from visiting the area once it’s cleaned.

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Cat and dog on carpet after Las Vegas carpet cleaning pet stain removal

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