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June 30, 2015
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June 30, 2015

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

commercial carpet cleaning in Las VegasVegas Carpet Cleaning Pros offers a wide variety of affordable commercial carpet cleaning services for Las Vegas office and retail settings. Having a clean and appealing work place is critical for not only existing clients and customers, but it also helps make a great impression on those visiting your location for the first time. But a clean carpet is not only for your customers. A clean workplace can have a significant effect on worker morale, and the carpeting is perhaps the most essential component of a workplace’s interior. Without a doubt, your staff will appreciate a clean looking, fresh scented and carpet – even if they don’t realize it! Our services are available at a very low cost, but you’ll truly appreciate your return on investment!

As we all know, there are a number of different grades of carpet available, and this applies to commercial settings as well. The most common is known as CGD, or commercial glue down. This is exactly what it sounds like – standard grade, short fiber carpet that is glued to the floor. This is typically what you’ll find in Las Vegas offices, retail stores, and restaurants. We will gladly assess your carpet cleaning needs free of charge and determine what type of cleaning would best suit your business based on the type of carpet you have, it’s general condition and how often you have it cleaned.

The most efficient and often used form of commercial carpet cleaning is known as ‘encapsulation’. This is a low moisture system that we often use in commercial settings. This is an extremely effective form of cleaning that provides tremendous results. In short, encapsulation cleaning is a fast drying, quick acting process that leaves your carpets looking great. Our process is scaled for efficiency because the equipment we use is modular, and thus suited exactly for your commercial carpet cleaning needs. So much so that businesses that require our carpet cleaning services during normal operating hours (such as long term care facilities, secured properties, etc.) have minimal to no interruption. This also allows us to effectively clean after-hours ‘locked door’ locations such as restaurants, banks and more.

Some of the benefits of our commercial cleaning process include:

hotel carpet cleaning in Las Vegas

  • No long, cumbersome hose runs through your business
  • Carpet drying in as little as 20 minutes
  • Spots and stains are gone for good and do not come back days later
  • Safe, non-intrusive equipment
  • Excellent for those needing service during business hours
  • Excellent for ‘closed door’ after-hour requirements
  • Multi-floor office building cleaning made simple

In addition to low cost commercial and office settings we also offer restaurant carpet cleaning services specifically for the many such businesses here in Las Vegas. Since we have so much experience cleaning bars, banquet halls, fast food and fine dining establishments here in Las Vegas, we’ve been able to develop excellent floor care maintenance programs. Our carpet and floor care programs are tailor made for your establishment and are not only cost effective, but will also provide an appealing, always fresh appearance for your patrons.

Are you ready to have your office, store or restaurant spruced up? Call Vegas Carpet Cleaning Pros today and we will give you a free commercial carpet cleaning consultation and estimate.

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