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June 30, 2015
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June 30, 2015

High Rise Cleaning

las vegas high rise carpet cleaningOver the last thirty plus years Las Vegas hasn’t just grown outward, it’s grown upward. Towers abound up and down – and in some cases just off of – the world famous strip.

Vegas Carpet Cleaning Pros provides carpet, tile and grout, hard wood floor cleaning and more for high rise residents all across Las Vegas. We’ve cleaned virtually every tower in the city including The Martin, Sky, Regency Towers, One, The Ogden and more.

Our cleaning process offers several advantages to those living in multi-story units. First and foremost is the equipment we use. We offer a low moisture process to clean carpets. No need for a constant water source from a kitchen faucet or shower, no removal of aerators or other inconveniences. Spills, leaks, messy hoses, dumping waste water in toilets and the like are not part of how we clean.

Our dry time, as explained on our carpet cleaning page, is an obvious benefit to all of our customers, but this is especially so for those living in high rises. Most of the carpets in these units are either a low pile, short cut pile or in some cases berber or even a cut pattern. Our system works on all kinds of carpets, but these types of carpets clean particularly well using low moisture processes. Since the pile is not as deep as most carpets over wetting the carpet can be an unintentional by product of standard water extraction cleaning (in our opinion all carpet cleaning processes work, however some happen to work better than others in certain situations). While we use plenty of water when we clean, it’s significantly less averaging about 30% of the total water used compared to other cleaning methods.

luxury condo carpet cleaning las vegasIn addition to fast drying, we also offer pet stain and odor removal services. Keeping a pet 30 stories above the boulevard can be a chore at times and accidents do happen. We offer effective, flat rate treatments for this service.

Also, for high rise renters our move out cleaning service might be of value. In addition to floor cleaning we offer complete cleaning services to get you ready for your departure.

Please feel free to contact us for a free estimate by calling 702-430-6779 or by completing the contact form on the right.

Vegas Carpet Cleaning Pros is fully licensed and insured. We are on the vendor list with towers all across Las Vegas. Filings may appear under our LLC title of Vegas Service Pros, LLC or our dba Vegas Carpet Cleaning Pros. If you happen to reside in a tower that does not have us on file please do not hesitate to contact us so we can update our vendor information.

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