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June 30, 2015
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June 30, 2015

Carpet Protector

Fibercop carpet protector

We offer protector at very affordable rates. Depending on your situation, you might only need specific areas treated like hallways, entry ways, etc. In some situations you might not need it at all. Whatever the case may be, we’ll offer the option that’s best for you.

Your carpet always looks fresh and new after a good cleaning. However, it will not always stay that way. Despite your best efforts (no shoes, vacuuming on a regular basis) natural wear and tear will take a toll.

A great way to protect your carpet post cleaning is by adding a protector, commonly known as ‘Scotchguard’. Carpet protectors help to prevent permanent staining and make clean-up a snap. What’s protected depends of what type of product you use.

Organic based protectotrs block against elements that are generated by general dirt and grime (think ‘dirty traffic lanes’). Acid based carpet protectos shield carpet fibers from dye stains like red wine, punch, etc.

We use DuPont brand Scothchguard and Vacaway’s FiberCop. Both offer protection from organic and acid based stains and are considered industry wide as top tier quality products.
Scotchguard carpet protector

The process is simple. Once we’ve completed cleaning your carpet we apply a heavy coat of carpet protector to all areas. We then groom the carpet which helps to agitate the protector into the carpet in addition to giving it a ‘just cleaned’ look. Once applied, the protector forms a shield around the carpet strand making it virtually impossible for outside substances to penetrate. In fact, you’ll notice that with liquids in particular they practically float above the carpet fiber.

Should you have some sort of mishap such as a spilled glass of Kool Aid, muddy shoes across the floor or a toppled planter, simply wipe up the mess with a warm sponge and pat dry with a towel. You’ll immediately notice that nothing sticks to the carpet fiber and the process was as simple as wiping it away.

You can also use protector for upholstery!

Call today and ask about our latest Scotchguard and Fiber Cop specials.

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