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June 30, 2015

Carpet Cleaning Process


Vegas Carpet Cleaning Pros has one goal in mind: to provide all of our customers with the absolute best carpet cleaning service for an affordable price. In order to do this we’ve developed a seven step cleaning process that includes everything needed to do the job not just properly – but better.

Following these seven steps ensures that the job will be done right the first time leaving you with a long lasting, superior cleaning:

  1. A complete walk-thought of the project area. We will inspect and identify areas requiring special treatment.
  2. A thorough pre-vacuuming of all carpeted areas using our commercial grade vacuums. Pre-vacuuming helps remove loose dirt and grime siginificantly improving the overall cleaning process.
  3. Pre-treatment of the entire project area including traffic lanes, spots and stains with pet and people friendly products. We use a wide variety of cleaning detergents each designed to meet specific challenges. All detergents are mixed on site after the pre inspection allowing us to provide you with the very best results possible. We mix, spray and let dwell before agitating.
  4. Agitation and conditioning of high-traffic lanes, spots and stains. We use commercial grade microfiber pads to both agitate and loosen dirt, grease and other debris from your carpet. Agitation is a critical component of the cleaning process and allows for an even deeper pad extraction which in turn gives you cleaner carpet.
  5. ‘Quick Dry’ extraction using our terry/cotton pads. Our pads go deep into your carpet cleaning each and every fiber along the way. The cotton and terrycloth are made thick and designed specifically to extract dirt and soil from your carpet to our pads. The amount of extraction is amazing.
  6. Post-vacuuming. In order to get the fastest possible dry times we post vacuum the carpet. This not only helps speed up the drying, but helps give your floor that ‘just cleaned’ look.
  7. We’re not happy until you’re happy! We conduct a post-extraction inspection and walk-through of all completed areas making sure all areas of concern have been addressed and that you’re fully satisfied with our work

Las Vegas dry carpet cleaningWe do all of the above with carpets drying in about 1 – 2 hours!

“How?”, you might ask. Well….

“Unlike most carpet cleaners, Vegas Carpet Cleaning Pros uses a low moisture carpet cleaning process. Our cleaning method uses significantly less water than most methods (we use about 60% – 70% less water on average) which offers siginificant benefits to our customers. Quick dry times being the biggest. Some water extraction processes can take anywhere from six to ten hours to dry. Our low moisture process means dry carpet in two hours or less.

Don’t get us wrong, we still use water! Just not as much as some of the other companies out there.

Another benefit of using less moisture means that spots, stains and traffic lanes are less likely to re-appear due to quick dry times. We don’t over wet the carpets when we clean and as a result less water is left behind. When carpets take too long to dry it’s because there is an excessive amount of water remaining. Too much water sitting in your carpet can result in a re-appearance of stains, dirt and grime.

We also use equipment designed to remove dirt gime and more via a process known as ‘oscillation’. To be specific, this is a machine that moves the carpet up and down, side to side and round and round. The oscillation lifts the carpet fiber and actually cleans in between each strand, as opposed to wet processes, which inject water and detergent into the carpet and rely on the extraction (vacuuming) to do most of the work. The cleaning detergents we use ecapsulate (encapsulation is a process in which the cleaning solvents break down, surround and capture the dirt and grime in your carpet) and transfer dirt directly from the strands to our machine and pads, leaving your carpet clean and free of impurities.

Low moisture cleaning works with all types of carpet including berber, thick pile and commercial grade varieties.

We serve all of Las Vegas and surrounding areas. Call 702-430-6779 today for a free quote and to learn more about our services.

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