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June 30, 2015
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June 30, 2015

About Vegas Carpet Cleaning Pros

Pic of Damon Williams two dogs

My two dogs


My name is Damon. I own and operate Vegas Carpet Cleaning Pros.

I started the company almost three years ago cleaning just part time. As our customer base grew, so did the positive word of mouth and online reviews. We’ve been cleaning full time for the last two plus years and we’ve been very fortunate to experience continued growth.

One of the questions I am often asked is why did I start a carpet cleaning company. That’s actually a great question. I had spent the previous ten years managing the sales and customer service department of two internet based marketing companies here in Las Vegas. As the economy began to slow down nationwide, so did the company I was working for at that time. Along with the slowdown came a bit of burnout (ten years doing basically the exact same thing). While I took great pride in my work, I had take a step back and decide how I wanted to spend my time moving forward. Stay in internet marketing or try something entirely different?

Well, I decided to try something entirely different! New challenges, a big learning curve, new working environments (out in the field, physical, etc.) made this an absolute 180 degree turn from what I was accustomed to. Thankfully, going into this I had one thing on my side: I love helping people. In fact, previous to my last ten years in internet marketing I had worked for a near decade in retail as a customer service supervisor and sales rep and later in the food service industry. If there is one common thread that exists throughout my working career it’s customer service.

Still, the question remains: why carpet cleaning?

The main reason: we have two dogs at home (see pic!). Over the years we had several carpet cleaners come and clean the house. Not just recently, but the entirety of my life really. Some were great, some were good and many were awful. Since moving to Las Vegas it was even more hit and miss. In fact, the last good cleaner we found had gone out of business just previous to our next scheduled cleaning. Since he had gone out of business we were forced to find someone else.

Well, we did. Called, got an estimate and scheduled an appointment. Was not a fun experience. The price changed when the cleaners arrived (tripled in fact) and had to haggle back down to something that was still not even reasonably close to what we had agreed on. The carpet took way too long to dry, the pet issues remained and what should have been a simple and pleasant experience turned into something entirely different.

Not cool.

This stuck with me for quite a long time. Shortly after this I was faced with the career crossroads that I wrote about above. For the heck of it I decided to take a closer look at the carpet cleaning business, other aspects of floor care and the cleaning industry as a whole. In fact, I spent several months studying the business. I talked to cleaners across the country, spoke with industry vendors and manufacturers, read copious amounts of trade publications, blogs and more and got a real feel for the business.

I then went and rented various pieces of carpet cleaning equipment. I used my own home and others as testing grounds. Boy did I test! After multiple cleanings, discussions with other cleaners and vendors I settled on a low moisture process. I’m very glad I did.

There are many ways to clean carpet. All can and do a great job. I happen to feel that our low moisture carpet cleaning provides customers with outstanding results time and time again. Roughly 30% of cleaners use processes similar to ours, so we are unique in that aspect. However, we are also unique in being able to provide consistent, quality results time and time again.

Along with exceptional cleaning comes exceptional service. Vegas Carpet Cleaning Pros will always provide the best customer service possible. One of the ways we do this is by offering up front, transparent pricing. We are one of the few (by few I mean 3 – 4) carpet cleaning companies that actually advertises their prices. One of the things I can’t stand as a consumer is the unwillingness of a business to print, discuss or acknowledge rates – until it came time for the consumer to pay of course! I wanted to if different.

No trip charges, no hidden fees and no surprises! Yes, we’re different!

Since entering the carpet cleaning business we slowly began adding new endeavors like tile and grout cleaning, upholstery care, janitorial and more. We are licensed, insured, and operate as an LLC (Vegas Service Pros, LLC).

In short, we are a small company that is customer centric and has one simple goal in mind: to make you happy!

We appreciate and thank you for your business!

Feel free to call us anytime, I can be reached at 702-430-6779.

Have a great day!

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